mPassport® FAQs

What is mPassport?
mPassport is subscription-based access to HTH Worldwide's Global Health and Safety knowledge tools and databases via and the mPassport app. These tools give those traveling for leisure, business and study the resources to travel well despite acute and chronic health conditions, common travel-related illnesses and security risks. HTH's proprietary tools are easily accessed through the web and smartphones. User screens and displays of results are designed to be streamlined and easy to navigate.
Why do I need mPassport?
To make the most of your travels, you need to manage existing and unanticipated health conditions in destinations where finding a doctor and explaining your symptoms should not be left to chance. mPassport brings you specific information and expert assistance to prepare and protect you throughout your global travels.
Where does this information come from?
HTH Worldwide has applied over 15 years of research and experience to develop proprietary global databases that include highly-qualified, contracted physicians, dentists and behavioral health providers, contracted and notable hospitals and clinics as well as translations of essential medical terms, phrases and the brand names of common medications. HTH maintains these databases by rigorously working with its worldwide network of physician advisors and by applying its state-of-the-art web technology. In addition, HTH partners with Drum Cussac to deliver hundreds of country and city level security profiles and dozens of daily security alerts worldwide.
How do you select the participating doctors?
Participation in the HTH International Healthcare Community is by invitation only. HTH neither requires nor accepts fees or payments of any kind from healthcare providers. Development and maintenance of the Community occurs in four steps:
  1. Qualification: doctors must be board certified by the American Board or Medical Specialties or members of the Royal College of Medicine and Surgery or they must be personally recommended by an HTH Physician Advisor.
  2. Biography review: doctors must submit a full biographical profile that is HTH considers complete and appropriate.
  3. Contracting: all providers profiled in HTH databases are contracted directly to HTH to deliver services in a timely fashion. By signing a contract, they certify that they are fluent in English, licensed to practice medicine and have completed the training as described in the biographical profiles.
  4. Ongoing communication: HTH uses the global reach of its web technology to communicate regularly with its contracted providers to track changes in contact information and to keep them apprised of service standards.