mPassport® FAQs

How do I subscribe?
From the home page, click on the Subscribe Now button and follow the step by step instructions. Subscriptions are available on an annual basis. The username and password you choose when subscribing on the website will also serve as your username and password on the mPassport app.
What do I get with my mPassport subscription?
Your mPassport subscription gives you access to HTH's wide-ranging tools and services created to help international travelers stay safe and healthy during their trips. Specifically, you will gain access to and the mPassport app.
How do I get the mPassport app?
Once you subscribe, the mPassport app is free to download and is available for iOS and Android devices including Kindle tablets.
Can I add insurance coverage?
HTH offers travel health insurance products for both groups and individuals. In most cases, these products must be purchased prior to your travel date. To learn more about individual products for travelers and students, please go to HTH Travel Insurance. To learn more about our group products for international students, both inbound to the U.S. and U.S. study abroad students, please go to HTH Students. To learn more about our group products for short and long-term corporate travelers, please email us at
How else can HTH help me?
By adding an HTH insurance product, you can eliminate the financial risk associated with accessing healthcare away from home and in many cases take care of your health needs on a cashless basis. With an HTH insurance product, you have direct access to concierge level services. HTH schedules medical appointments and directly bills the provider on your behalf.
Does HTH offer corporate licensing opportunities?
For over a decade, HTH Worldwide has successfully licensed all or a portion of mPassport assets to leading international insurance carriers. Our global partners leverage our industry-leading app or a white-labeled web site version of the content to provide added value for their policy holders and accelerate their business development efforts. Delivery of mPassport's content can be facilitated via dynamic API-driven data feeds. Pricing is typically based on a per member-per-year basis. Please visit to learn more about mPassport's licensing opportunities. For further specific licensing queries, please contact Business Development at 610-263-8790 or email